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Warner Brothers had just announced a worldwide contest. Swede the Lego Movie Trailer and win $12,000 plus a trip to LA. 

We saw an opportunity to test out our creative skills, not knowing what we had gotten ourselves into. We went to Walmart and grabbed a car full of cardboard and headed to the drawing board. 

Before we knew it, our parent's house and our apartment were covered in cardboard, recreating scenes piece for piece like the trailer. Spending 200+ hours putting in the effort, not knowing if we'd even place!

We watched the trailer over 1000 times to make sure we got every detail right. We edited it shot for shot and finally turned it in right before the deadline. After 2 months, we heard that we WON 1st Place!

CRAZY MOMENT: There is a shot where you see a pirate ship. We spent a whole day putting that ship together just so it could be in the trailer for half of a second.


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